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We’ve been tiling in Sydney since 1990 and pride ourselves on giving you a quality finish.

Not all tilers are equal and this shows in the details.

Level corners, consistent spacing & quality grouting are details we never overlook and that is the difference between someone who “slaps tiles on” and a tiler who really cares about how the final results.

The proprietor of Tiling Excellence (R Q Tiling Service Pty Ltd) is Robson Queiroz who has a reputation of producing beautiful tiling results from bathroom tiling to pool tiling and mosaic tiling.

The minimum time before people re-tile is 9-15 years and tiling is similar to painting, it is the final finish.

Make sure your tiler produces quality results so you are happy with your tiles for the next 15 years.

things to consider about tiling

Are the tilers Licenced?
If you are not using a licenced tiler then you will have no warranty of workmanship.

Years of Experience
The more experience someone has the less mistakes they will make because they know how the foundations effect the final result.

Attention to Detail
Tiling is easy to do, but hard to do well. Make sure your tiler has an eye for the details. Rough cut edges, uneven spaces and uneven tiles are complaints we hear all the time from customers who have been burnt in the past.

where we tile in sydney

Tiling Sydney!

From Hornsby to Cronulla and Bondi to the Blue Mountans.

We’ll manage all parts of your tiling needs from levelling floors beforehand to protective coatings after.

Main Tiling Service Areas

  • North Shore
  • Lower North Shore
  • Inner West
  • Eastern Suburbs

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